Full HD wireless instantaneous focus smart micro projector with Harman Kardon speaker

  • German Design Award 2021
  • Instant setting: instant auto focus and automatic vertical keystone correction
  • One-handed portability: only 1 kg in weight, and extremely lightweight, can be stored in a handbag or backpack
  • Stunning at a glance: Exclusive Cinema SuperColor+™ with Full HD resolution
  • Blockbuster: Harman Kardon Salar Technical Cooperation
  • Multiple connections: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C and other multiple connections
  • Long-term view is undisturbed: the reflective projection lamp with eye protection as the design concept, almost no blue light


ViewSonic M2e wireless instantaneous focus smart micro LED projector equipped with 1080p Full HD resolution, you can instantly enjoy a variety of wonderful pictures with one click. High-tech instantaneous autofocus and automatic vertical keystone correction functions are so convenient to set up, and the M2e’s ultra-light and portable body design allows you to easily take it with you and enjoy a beautiful cinema-level viewing experience anytime, anywhere. ViewSonic’s industry-leading second-generation LED technology presents Full HD level resolution in front of your eyes, plus 125% Rec.709 theater-level color, and enjoy the clear and moving picture. The M2e projector has built-in Harman Kardon salar technology dual speakers, which combine perfect picture quality and excellent sound quality. The M2e projector has added a smart connection function, allowing you to enjoy more fun, such as the Wi-Fi wireless screen mirroring function, which can project or mirror the phone screen on the big screen; Bluetooth provides more audio output options , And with a USB Type-C port, only one cable can directly input the screen of the Nintendo® Switch game console to the M2e projector.

Easy to set up and enjoy instantly

A feast of sight and hearing

Intelligent automatic operation ability

Compact design suitable for home environment

Small and light volume, suitable for carrying around

Meteor gray and polar white contrast shiny body creates a modern feel

Stepless adjustment bracket allows you to set the projection angle arbitrarily

Easy to set up and enjoy instantly

Setup can be easily completed in a few seconds


At the touch of a button, you can enjoy an unparalleled theater-level experience. Using advanced instantaneous autofocus and automatic vertical keystone correction functions, the setting is easier and faster.

Autofocus can be completed in an instant

Using industry-leading time-of-flight (ToF) technology, real-time and accurate ranging on any plane can be provided, and a perfectly focused projection effect can be provided instantaneously.

Any angle is a perfect angle

It is not necessary to place the projector in the center. Complete vertical/horizontal keystone correction and manual four-corner adjustment functions can present perfect images from above, below, front or side.

Not just home entertainment

You can also enjoy the big screen viewing experience when you are away. The ultra-lightweight and extremely compact M2e projector allows you to easily take it with you. As long as you connect a power bank* through the USB Type-C port, you can enjoy wonderful images anytime, anywhere.

*The specifications of the mobile power supply should be at least 45W (15V/3A) and support Power Delivery (PD) protocol output.

Enjoy the big picture even in a small space

As long as the projection distance is 2.7 meters, it can project a picture up to 100 inches, and you can enjoy the joy of the big picture in any space.

Plug and play with any device

Through USB Type-C, HDMI, USB card reader, Micro SD and Wi-Fi, any device can be plug and play, and you can watch the exciting content on any device immediately. Or use the 10GB storage space in this unit to save your favorite content.

Watch for a long time without worry

The reflective projection lamp with eye protection as the design concept provides a viewing experience with almost no blue light interference and reduces eye fatigue caused by long-term viewing.

Antibacterial remote control certified by TÜV


While enjoying entertainment, you also care about your health. The special silver ion coating on the antibacterial remote control can prevent bacteria from adhering, and the antibacterial effect is still maintained after long-term use.

A feast of sight and hearing

Industry-leading LED technology

Pay attention to environmental protection

No mercury, creating a safer and more environmentally friendly future.

No maintenance required

The LED bulb life span of 30,000 hours gives you endless fun.

Brighter and better

The second-generation LED technology enhances the projection brightness to 1,000 LED lumens.

Quiet and silent immersive experience

Low operating temperature and exclusive heat dissipation design minimize fan noise.


1080p Full HD image quality presents a clearer and more detailed picture

Full HD 1080p resolution presents ultra-clear picture quality, and experiencing every detail, it feels like a visual feast anytime, anywhere.

Immersive 3D experience











Cinema SuperColor+™ color adjustment technology makes you feel like you are in the environment


ViewSonic’s proprietary Cinema SuperColor+™ technology can interpret more than 125% of the Rec.709 theater-level wide color range, presenting vivid and rich colors, giving you a realistic viewing experience.

Special sound effects created by Harman Kardon

The built-in Harman Kardon salar technology double speakers can play clear and sharp sound, allowing you to enjoy a theater-level perfect experience whether you are watching movies or music outside the house.

Smart and automatic

Small screen, big experience


Projecting the screen of a mobile phone or tablet has never been easier. Connect M2e wirelessly to your smart device* and enjoy various entertainment content on the big screen instantly.

*Support iPhone and Android phones, but must be connected to the same wireless network as M2e.

Bluetooth provides more audio output options


Enjoy high-quality sound as you like. Use M2e as a Bluetooth speaker, the party is about to start, or connect a Bluetooth headset to immerse yourself in the entertainment world of the big screen.

Stream exciting content directly through the USB Type-C port


Use the USB Type-C port to directly project content on a mobile phone or other mobile device, while still charging. Stream video screens, chat with friends through FaceTime, or play Nintendo® Switch game consoles on the big screen. You don’t need a docking station. You can connect these devices with just one cable.

*The device must support USB Type-C video streaming.
*iPhone and iPad users need to purchase a Lightning to HDMI adapter authorized by Apple.

Intuitive operation with touch control function using mobile phone


Now, you can turn your smart device into a remote control-intuitive touch operation, your phone is like a second remote control. Simply download the vCastSender APP on your mobile phone and make sure that the mobile phone and remote control are connected to the same WIFI, and you can use it after successfully pairing in the APP system.

*The device must support USB Type-C video streaming.

Independent streaming function

Say goodbye to messy cables and external devices. The built-in application center gathers all kinds of entertainment content in one place. Download media applications via Wi-Fi and stream your favorite content directly from the projector.
*The application here is for demonstration purposes only and is not pre-installed in this product. The application and its trademarks or logos are the property of their respective owners. These owners do not have a cooperative relationship with ViewSonic, nor do they sponsor or endorse this product.
1.Auto Focus Camera
2.IR Receiver
4.Stepless Stand
5.Auto Focus Sensor
6.HDMI 1.4 / HDCP 1.4
7.Power Button
8.Audio Out
9.USB Type-C (5V/2A)
10.Micro SD Card Reader
11.DC In
12.USB Reader (5V/2A)
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