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Holographic projection technology branch 3D holographic fan
With the advancement of science and technology, human cognition ability of things is getting stronger and stronger, and the development of holographic projection is also becoming more and more rapid, from the simple two-dimensional plane to the three-dimensional era, and some people even proposed and started to study the four-dimensional virtual space technology.
BenQ Educational Interactive Touch Display Taiwan’s Smarter Classroom Ranks No. 1 in the Market
BenQ today (4) announced the educational interactive touch display. According to the Futuresource Consulting 2020 report, it will achieve 40% of Taiwan’s market share in 2020, becoming the highest-selling touch display in Taiwan, and helping Taipei City build 70% of Taiwan’s market share. The second-year national education smart classroom has also been adopted by many other county and city education units, and the latest version of the electronic whiteboard software EZWrite is expected to be released in the second quarter.
Experts deconstruct the latest business and education trends in 2021-Hong Kong market TOP5 interactive touch screen Interactive Whiteboard Trend 2021
From the beginning of the invention of the television, mankind has entered the age of visual information. With the advancement of technology, people's requirements for video quality and functions are getting higher and higher. In order to respond to the needs of the market and meet the needs of people's daily life and business activities, video-information products are constantly being introduced and new, and traditional TV sets are gradually being banned by smart TV sets. The projector, which is often used in teaching and business meetings, has also begun to be replaced by another new product-an interactive touch screen.
ViewSonic’s latest mini projector M2e uses ToF technology to achieve one-second autofocus
ViewSonic, a global leader in video and education solutions, has launched the latest mini projector M2e, introducing Time of Flight (ToF) technology into the M series of smart smart LED projectors for the first time to upgrade the auto focus function. With ToF technology, M2e can instantly auto focus within 1 second, which is 3 to 5 times faster than the existing technology. In addition, M2e is convenient to carry and easy to set up, and can be flexibly used in entertainment or home office environments.
Experts give you an in-depth analysis of BenQ interactive touch screen CP/RP/RM/RE series four brothers competition for education? Commercial use? Interactive Whiteboard 4 series introduction
BenQ is a well-known electronic brand in Taiwan. Its products include LCD monitors, computer monitors, projectors and interactive touch screens. Its interactive touch screen has been the global sales champion for six consecutive years, so it has confidence in brand reputation and product quality.
AOV interactive touch screen iWhiteBoard education and commercial cost-effective chief choice Interactive Whiteboard
AOV is a locally established brand that focuses on applying innovative technologies to audio-visual products and promotes the popularization of related products. AOV directly uses the current mature interactive touch screen technology, so it can save research and development costs, and provide the business and education circles with high-tech interactive touch screen products with specifications and levels similar to international brands at a popular price. . In addition, AOV is rooted in Hong Kong, familiar with the local market, and can provide local users with the most advanced and demanding audio-visual products.
ViewSonic launches ViewBoard 52 series interactive touch screens with integrated multimedia sound bars
ViewSonic Corp., the world's leading provider of vision solutions, has launched the ViewBoard 52 series with advanced audio functions . With a user-centric design in mind, the ViewBoard 52 series improves the classroom and learning experience. One of the highlights of its exterior design is the unique multimedia sound bar, which can provide excellent audio for the classroom. It is equipped with a USB-C front input, which can easily connect BYOD devices and put the function keys and I/O ports within direct line of sight. With the new user interface, teachers can access frequently used functions within the control area without having to move back and forth.
[Caution for campers] Mobile power supply can be used for 2 hours! True HD 1080P projector: American ViewSonic M2e|1000 lumens|Netflix Youtube|Switch directly connected to use [violent unboxing and evaluation]
ViewSonic M2e wireless instantaneous focus smart micro LED projector equipped with 1080p Full HD resolution, you can instantly enjoy a variety of wonderful pictures with one click. High-tech instantaneous autofocus and automatic vertical keystone correction functions are so convenient to set up, and the M2e's ultra-light and portable body design allows you to easily take it with you and enjoy a beautiful cinema-level viewing experience anytime, anywhere. ViewSonic’s industry-leading second-generation LED technology presents Full HD level resolution in front of your eyes, plus 125% Rec.709 theater-level color, and enjoy the clear and moving picture. The M2e projector has built-in Harman Kardon salar technology dual speakers, which combine perfect picture quality and excellent sound quality. The M2e projector has added a smart connection function, allowing you to enjoy more fun, such as the Wi-Fi wireless screen mirroring function, which can project or mirror the phone screen on the big screen; Bluetooth provides more audio output options , And with a USB Type-C port, only one cable can directly input the screen of the Nintendo® Switch game console to the M2e projector.
ViewSonic provides free distance learning software to academic circles under severe epidemic
With the spread of the novel coronavirus, many schools and educational institutions have not only suspended classes, but also actively studied the possibility of allowing students to conduct distance learning. In order to assist in distance learning, ViewSonic, a leading global video solutions brand, will provide free myViewBoard software to Hong Kong's primary and secondary schools, as well as universities and colleges.
The only silver ion double antibacterial certification BenQ to create a healthy and smart classroom in the post-epidemic era
The leading brand of smart classrooms, BenQ, continues to innovate in the post-epidemic era. BenQ’s educational interactive touch display has obtained dual antibacterial certification from the verification authority Germany Rheinland and Japan’s SIAA this year. High resolution, with writing software tailored for the classroom, and wireless sharing function, increase student participation and allow more diverse interactions between teachers and students. PM2.5 sensors will be added this year to continuously monitor the health of teachers and students.
How to avoid the four traps when buying a mini projector
In recent years, micro projectors have developed rapidly, but the ensuing fog trap has also become one of the reasons why many people dare not start. Once a few thousand yuan of digital equipment enters the pit, the hard-storage money is likely to be paid. All running water. Therefore, before choosing a mini projector, we must avoid these four traps.
ViewSonic’s new All-in-One LED display assembly-free mobile solution, quick installation in 10 minutes
ViewSonic, a global leader in video and education solutions, has been well received since the launch of the All-in-One LED display in 2020. In order to meet the needs of more customers, it will launch a pre-assembled solution kit this year. The new 108-inch and 135-inch All-in-One LED display solutions are equipped with a mobile flight case, which combines high efficiency, maneuverability, flexibility and other features. Users can get it in just 10 minutes. The installation and setup will bring greater convenience to commercial spaces such as galleries, commercial activities, conventions and exhibitions, and it can also be used in more venues through short-term rental models.
The transparent display screen has flexible installation and interactive functions. Commercial scenes show unlimited creativity
Advances in technology have turned various imaginations into reality. In the past, in science fiction movies, it is not difficult to see science fiction scenes showing various materials on transparent screens. With the advancement of technology, these seeming science fiction scenes can already be realized in our daily lives, such as the 55" launched by LG. Transparent OLED Signage and 55” Transparent Touch OLED Signage have high transparency, allowing the display to play infinite possibilities, which can be used in various scenes of life to enhance the user experience.
6 cases of using interactive whiteboards as assistive technology for special education
Learning obstacles in the classroom have brought problems for both teachers and students. We can simply adjust the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) into an assistive technology to create a more appropriate learning environment. We have compiled a list of simple strategies. Whether you use an interactive whiteboard or not, you can provide an appropriate way of teaching for students of different abilities.
Why is ViewSonic’s intelligent interactive whiteboard Viewboard recommended by the education industry?
Interactive touch screen ─ ─ ViewBoard is a new product launched by ViewSonic in 2017. In fact, as early as 2014, ViewSonic has launched touch board type products. In other words, ViewBoard's technology research and development has a history of six to seven years. It is worth noting that ViewSonic 's ViewBoard is mainly developed for the education market . Therefore, the types of products launched by the IFP50 series are obviously more diverse than the other two series.
High-end business choice DTEN interactive touch screen Interactive Whiteboard
DTEN is an American brand established in 2015 in response to the rise of Internet video conferencing. Since DTEN's products are designed for the video conferencing market, most of its users are commercial organizations, and many of them are multinational companies. Based on the characteristics of the main user groups, DTEN has a relatively high level of specifications in terms of information security. At the same time, it is one of the suppliers that has obtained the ZOOM certification of video conferencing software.
Apply smart interactive whiteboard to 4 levels of SAMR model
The SAMR model can effectively explain and guide how educational technology is integrated into the modern teaching scene. The SAMR acronyms each stand for "Substitution", "Augmentation", "Modification" and "Redefinition". Each one illustrates the ways in which the learning process may be improved or changed due to technology. This model is particularly suitable for explaining and understanding the process of how smart interactive whiteboards are integrated into educational applications. Read on for more information about the SAMR model and how to apply this model to your own case.
BenQ’s new dual-screen interactive CP series touch panel
There are various types of meetings, and there are many different types of meeting requirements, such as collaborative meetings and remote video conferences. One display screen is really not enough. Multiple displays and collaborative writing are required. Although traditional whiteboards can meet some of the writing needs, they have When it comes to a meeting with a lot of information and a fast pace, the writing area is too short and the content cannot be saved in real time. You have to organize the meeting minutes after the meeting...
Film and STEM Education
It's a bit outdated to mention New Year's Eve movies in December. Can there be admission to the show during the Chinese New Year holidays? How many movies did you watch? Beginning in the 1980s, in order to meet the social situation where there were not enough leisure programs at that time, New Year films suddenly emerged as a feature of Hong Kong's New Year.
hok jyun STEM Chinese herbal medicine shared the results of inter-school STEM+ education
Nowadays in Hong Kong, STEM is not a new topic. Recently, more schools have put forward the concept of "STEM+". STEM+ emphasizes the integration of humanities in the process of science learning, and emphasizes humanistic care in addition to science education, so that students can develop in a balanced manner. The three principals of Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School, Chai Wan Kok Catholic Primary School and Tsuen Wan Catholic Primary School have implemented the "EduVision Student Aspiration Program" in the past year. By cooperating with different institutions, secondary schools and kindergartens, we will promote STEM+ education across schools and learning stages.
How to use electronic whiteboard to improve children’s enthusiasm in learning mathematics
[Foreword] In kindergarten middle-class teaching, if teachers can make appropriate and colorful electronic whiteboards for teaching, it can greatly improve the enthusiasm and initiative of middle-class children to learn mathematics, and lay a solid foundation for children to learn mathematics in the future. The basis of interest. In recent years, how to improve children's interest in learning mathematics in middle class in life and games has become one of the important goals of the new curriculum standard for children. This also requires preschool mathematics teachers to actively use various teaching tools, so that children can integrate life and games to discover and solve math problems, experience the interesting aspects of mathematics, and gradually form a strong sense of mathematics learning for the future. The education provides a good mathematical foundation. The electronic whiteboard has extremely rich teaching functions, which to a large extent can better attract children's attention and improve children's enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning mathematics.
U.S. STEM Education Development
STEM+ Education Preliminary Series I have written about the development of STEM education in China and also talked about the situation in the United States. First, of course, because the United States is the source of STEM education; second, the two powers of China and the United States will continue to compete with each other in future generations. The comparison of technological developments promoted by STEM education between the two countries will be a relevant factor in the strength analysis; third, the United States STEM Education has not been as popular in China, Southeast Asia and Nordic countries in recent years. Readers are also interested in learning about the latest developments in STEM education in the United States. Due to space limitations, this article summarizes some online materials and a brief introduction to the manuscripts of the discussion platform.
BenQ full line of interactive whiteboards: discounts for academic circles in the new school year
BenQ full line of interactive whiteboards, CP/RP/RM/RE series, large-scale enterprise-level interactive touch display, suitable for small (4~5 people) and medium (10-20 people) meeting room spaces, with two built-in fronts The stylish design of the speaker and stylus tray can demonstrate the extraordinary taste of the company. The latest 20-point multi-touch, 4K UHD high resolution, smart eye protection mode and smart account management (Smart AMS). Intuitively designed operating system, wireless projection function, and support for central control and management functions, improve corporate operating efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.
Epson TW launches EF-100WATV mobile light screen laser projector
Reflective light source does not hurt the eyes, the projector is the first choice for long-term viewing The sudden outbreak has caused the world to quickly enter a state of emergency. Although Taiwan, which has done a good job in epidemic prevention at the beginning, has low confirmed diagnoses, low mortality, and has repeatedly set a record of zero confirmed diagnoses for multiple days, it is still at the peak of virus infection in countries around the world. At present, it is still very important to do personal protection and reduce gatherings when going out.
The forgotten display faucet makes a comeback by “turning wisdom” to the classic three birds
Nearly 30 years ago, a dropout from Taiwan’s Tunghai University boldly sold a batch of Panasonic’s stock computer monitors in the United States under the brand "ViewSonic". The result was a great success. These three colored Hu Jinbirds, It was once the world's largest display brand. Now, this long-forgotten predecessor, the light of Taiwan, has set off again, riding on the digital classroom boom, resurrecting ViewSonic's performances and quickly reaching the third place in the world. How did Zhu Jialiang do it?
10 Best Real World Applications of Hologram Technology
Holograms have been a dream of tech and entertainment companies as well as consumers ever since Jules Verne first introduced the idea of the technology back in 1893. But the popular craving for such devices really came into vogue when Princess Leia appeared as a floating image in Star Wars over forty years ago. Unfortunately, for years it looked like such things were going to be forever relegated to the realms of science fiction. The challenges of creating a 3D image in the thin air simply seemed insurmountable.
Not only visual effects! Researchers from Dongda University develop touchable holographic projection technology
As technology continues to evolve, Hologram technology has been able to create realistic stereoscopic projection images. Today, the research team of the University of Tokyo has further developed the "HaptoClone" interactive system that combines vision and touch, subverting the previous situation where virtual images can only be seen but not touched. Maybe soon, we can not only see each other's images when we video with relatives and friends, but we can also shake hands and hug each other.
DLP integrated into smart audio
At present, DLP technology is mostly used in car head-up displays and short-throw projectors, but in fact, there are more possibilities to make people's eyes brighter. Texas Instruments reveals a more direct and convenient way of life ─ ─ using Texas Instruments DLP Pico technology, the projection unit is reduced, and it is directly integrated into the smart audio. When you ask a question, in addition to answering it with voice, it is directly cast out by the projection unit of the smart speaker.
A person has 10 fingers. Question: “What time” does multi-touch use?
Multi-touch panels are becoming more and more popular due to the desire to add more functions to the user interface. Simple "press the button" has evolved into more complex interactions, such as pinching with two fingers to zoom and other complex gestures. The trend toward larger touch panels in collaborative and multi-user applications, and the requirements for touch sensors with such performance are also very clear.
Is the kiosk the future digital signage trend?
The biggest obstacle to digital signage is not a larger screen, but a smaller screen: the consumer's smartphone. When opening a more relevant Facebook page on their phone, it is difficult for your display to be relevant to customers. However, one way for retailers to reach these distracted customers is to integrate interactive elements into digital signage. At that time, digital signage had crossed the border and entered the world of kiosks. Can kiosks be the future of digital signage?
When [STEM teaching] meets 3d holographic projection
STEM learning has continued to develop around the world since its inception. All schools in Hong Kong have actively developed STEM courses to enable students to master relevant knowledge and skills through thinking and practical application. Chen Wong Suk Fong Memorial Secondary School (Tuen Mun) has established a new 3D holographic projection system on campus in response to STEM teaching in this school year. The students really have room for imagination.
ViewSonic DLP projector
Amazing DLP image quality DLP display technology combines accurate and long-lasting color with high native contrast. Today, more than 90% of movie theaters use DLP technology for digital projection. Improve the viewing experience to a whole new level with innovative technology in the display field!
4K Ultra HD Home Entertainment Projector Adds Joyous Sounds at Home
In the world of technology, bigger is better. The screens of TVs, monitors, and even mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger, and the big screen shows that you value home entertainment. You would rather sit in front of the big screen in the living room than go to the cinema. However, no matter how big the TV is, it is still not comparable to a real projector in the enjoyment of a large screen.
Is your 4K UHD home projector really 4K?
When it comes to home entertainment, 4K UHD home entertainment projectors are the closest to your 4K presence in a movie theater. The 4K UHD home projector adopts the latest projection technology and wide color gamut design, so you can enjoy the surging of movies at home.
Avoid 11 digital signage traps
Different types of organizations of all sizes are using digital signage to attract and inform employees and visitors. Some have used it well, while others have not seen any considerable improvement in communication. There are many types of digital signage success. There are some very obvious ways to fail.
[Taiwan] Tang Fumei the promoter of art maker education Only by breaking the frame with art can we create moving works
Maker centers and self-builder bases across Taiwan have sprung up. Among them, the new literacy of "STEM" is connected, that is, knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Solving problems in life through hands-on practice, as the basis for innovation and invention, has become a new wave of learning in Taiwan. But looking around, all centers of 3D printing machines, laser cutting and other equipment, behind the new technology, seem to lack more detailed processing, and the finished product is often very innovative, but lacks aesthetics.
How to use STEM education to arouse students’ potential? Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School STEM Education Interview
As you may know, STEM education is emphasized all over the world. The so-called STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic. How to integrate this knowledge with life is one of the goals of STEM. Hong Kong Leshantang Yu Jinqing Middle School is at the forefront of this educational trend. It has opened a maker laboratory in the school and promoted the "Maker Lesson" in junior high schools to encourage students to turn ideas into products. Earlier, TechApple visited and interviewed Yu Jinqing Middle School, letting everyone take a look at their story of implementing STEM.
Promote STEM education-localization and top-level design of STEM education
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is committed to the development of a knowledge-based economy, and innovation and technology are emerging industries with advantages. The establishment of the Bureau of Innovation and Technology and the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, as well as the planning of the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park in the Loop, signified the government's determination to the innovation and technology industry. The government spares no effort in investing in the industry and the research community. In terms of funding, the SAR government invested more than 18 billion yuan in 2016 to promote innovation and technology through subsidies and funds. In terms of land planning, the government adjusted the industrial village policy, repossessed factory buildings that have been out of service, and used the remaining land in the industrial village for innovation and technology industries.
Can the epidemic evoke science education
The pace of education reform has gone on for more than 20 years. Can the goals pursued at that time be achieved? Scholars, experts and government departments from all over the world will make a final review in the future. However, since the implementation of the new academic system, it is undeniable that the local mathematics and science education level has been sluggish; although individual top talents have performed well in related fields, the data in research reports and the comments of educational scholars have long pointed out this development trend.
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