Holographic Projection, sometimes called holographic projection or 3D holographic projection, is a special projection device and screen that allows images to appear in mid-air, allowing viewers to produce visual effects similar to phantoms.


In recent years, floating projection has been widely used in concert stages, museums, commercial presentation venues, and popular science education displays. In the past, we often saw situations in which 3D holographic projections or floating projections were widely used in the future world in certain sci-fi movies.


There are many kinds of projection methods for floating projection, and the common ones are back projection and refraction. As for the projected screens, there are various methods such as: smoke and dust, screens, spiral blades, pyramids and so on. How to create a 3D image display effect is the main selling point of floating projection.

Today we will experience the pyramidal floating projection technology together. You can experience it with a mobile phone or ipad and a simple device using the principle of refraction projection. The visual effects are like sci-fi movies.


Reference video source: The 23rd Golden Melody Awards Feng Feifei’s floating projection debut clip https://youtu.be/ItemxSA1Myg

Alexander McQueen’s fashion holographic display/experience https://youtu.be/DbwJ95ySpmU

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