AOV A12 【32cm風葉-34cm保護罩】 Portable 3D Hologram Fan[WiFi]

Very suitable for digital signage advertising, holographic billboards, 3D effect display and digital point of sale display.
Easy to install, can be installed on a desk in any position, in a wall-mounted car.
The ABS protective cover ensures child safety and minimizes noise.
(Please note that it is not waterproof, avoid using it on rainy days.)

support wifi

FeaturesSIZEITEMLED QTYResolutionMemery StorageBrightnessControlWIFIHolographic WallConnect Bluetooth SpeakerWebSite
性價比之選30cmA12224 pcs1400*2248G/Android/WindowsYesNoNo網頁
42cmA3224 pcs224*22416G/WindowsNoNoNo網頁
45cmA13510 pcs510*5108G1400cd/㎡Android/Windows/iOSYesNoNo網頁
56cmS6612 pcs612*6128G1800cd/㎡Android/Windows/iOSYesYesYes網頁
64cmF65768 pcs768*7688G2500cd/㎡Android/Windows/iOSYesYesYes網頁
78cmF80928 pcs928*9288G2400cd/㎡Android/Windows/iOSYesYesYes網頁
99cmF1001184 pcs1184*11848G2200cd/㎡Android/Windows/iOSYesYesYes網頁
高清高亮65cmM6896 pcs896*89616G3000cd/㎡Android/Windows/iOSYesYesYes網頁
72.5cmM71024 pcs1024*102416G3000cd/㎡Android/Windows/iOSYesYesYes網頁

支援連接手機無線上傳視頻/圖片到3D Hologram 風扇

Specification: AOV A12 【32cm風葉-34cm保護罩】 Portable 3D Hologram Fan[WiFi]


256 x 256

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