BENQ RE8604FV 教育互動觸控顯示器 加強版 | RE04FV

BenQ 互動觸控顯示屏

經EDLA 認證的RE04FV 教育互動觸控顯示器將您所有的BenQ 教學必需品與Google 工具和服務結合在一起。

Google Enterprise Partner

The new EDLA-certified BenQ Board Essential gives the best possible experience by combining the power of BenQ software and hardware with official Google service 

What is EDLA?

EDLA stands for Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement, a new program that Google introduced at the end of 2022. It’s designed to help solutions providers offer devices with built-in Google Mobile Services.

Enterprise-Grade Security
to Defend Hybrid Spaces

Through the Google Play Protect service, Play Protect checks apps for suspicious behaviour. It also prevents you from downloading potentially harmful apps to your devices and even scans and removes previously installed apps that exhibit malicious behaviour.

Google Play

Preinstalled Google’s Core Services

Use any of the Google Docs Editors to open files directly from your board.

Download essential work apps directly from the Google Play Store

Access Files From Google Drive

Personalize Your Screen with Handy Widgets

Get a Instant Help from Google Assistant

Centralized BenQ Management Systems

Centrally management from BenQ DMS

Create and manage policies to be pushed onto all BenQ Boards, specific groups, or individual devices. Remotely manage display settings, Wi-Fi connections, app installation and settings, and so much more.

An Unlimited Canvas

BenQ EZWrite is a powerful whiteboard with a collection of tools designed for more engaging discussions with interactive display.

Import. Edit. Share.

With EZWrite 6, you can expand the size of your canvas, split it into sections, pull up templates and measuring tools, and even share your live camera feed.

Files that EZWrite supports

EZWrite supports Office files such as slideshows, documents, sheets, and PDFs. Add notes during the meeting, and save your session as an editable IWB file or export it as a meeting minutes.

AI tools for accessibility and inclusivity


With EZWrite, the RE04FV can have written text read aloud for everyone in the discussion

Multilingual translation

Native Google translation system, translate resources to different languages and access content.


BenQ Board with OCR function to convert text from images and documents to an editable format.

Made for collaboration

The interactive display has up to 50 touch points, allowing multiple users to interact simultaneously.

Like writing on paper

Having no gap in between the glass and the interactive display ensures a more natural writing experience.

Truly responsive touch

BenQ Board is built with Fine IR+, provide more accurate writing and interaction with the screen.

Split-screen mode to double your efficiency

Use two apps side by side. You can whiteboard on the left while browsing other resources on the right.

Wireless share different types of content

Make presentations and discussions more engaging for everyone. Team members can share photos, videos, or even their camera feed from laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, simultaneously.

Streamline account management by importing users directly from existing systems

Streamline account management by importing users directly from Google Workspace, Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory), ClassLink, LDAP servers, or other SAML-based identity providers.

Manage everything remotely

Since BenQ’s management platforms are all cloud-based, admins can easily push firmware updates, install apps, and set policies for multiple BenQ Boards wherever they may be.

Receive detailed analytics

Get advanced analytics for BenQ Board operation and app usage. Generate more informative reports by selecting specific devices and data points.

Specification: BENQ RE8604FV 教育互動觸控顯示器 加強版 | RE04FV


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