ViewSonic LS800WU 5,500 Lumens Installation Projector


The LS800WU shines bright in virtually any environment with 5,500 ANSI Lumens of high-brightness projection and WUXGA resolution clarity. The projector comes equipped with a laser phosphor technology capable of achieving up to 30,000 hours of maintenance free projection and is capable of 24/7 continuous operation to provide a dramatically durable solution for public use. H/V lens shift and 1.65X optical zoom offers additional flexibility and makes the projectors adaptable to a wide array of installation settings. The projector’s built-in HDBaseT receiver is able to transmit uncompressed high resolution audio and video at a lengthy distance (100 meters for 1080p and 70 meters for 4K/2K) when combined with a cat5e/cat6 cable and is compatible with any certified HDBaseT transmitter. Addition features such as portrait mode and 360-degree projection allow users to deliver a fresh visual perspective for creative applications such as staging and advertising.

Impressive AudioVisual Performance

Laser Phosphor Technology

Unlike traditional lamp based projectors, LS800WU is designed with laser phosphor technology which provides virtually maintenance-free usage for a lower overall total cost of ownership.

Laser PhosphorLamp-free

High Brightness

Packed with 5,500 ANSI Lumens, LS800WU projector is guaranteed to produce high brightness suitable for large spaces with high ambient light.

5,500ANSI Lumens

High Contrast Ratio

Boasting a 100,000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, even the finest shades of color are enhanced – a key characteristic for delivering razor-sharp images.

100,000:1Contrast ratio

Amazing Color Accuracy

ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor™ Technology displays a wide color range, ensuring that users enjoy a true-to-life color performance in both bright and dark environments without sacrificing image quality.


Low Total Cost of Ownership

Long-lasting Lifespan

Laser technology offers a 30,000 hour lifespan, which is delivering reliable long-term performance with no degradation in brightness over time so that your installations are consistently vibrant.

30,000 hoursLifespan

Sealed Optical Engine

The sealed optical engine with IP6X prevents dust and moisture from affecting the lighting system, ensuring the projector’s image quality over time is maintained.

Sealed Optical Engine

Automated Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer function allows users to select a period of inactivity that will determine when the projector should put itself into sleep mode automatically.

Sleep Timer

Reduced Energy Consumption

When no signal has been detected, the projector will automatically power off to conserve energy.

Auto Power Off

Energy Efficiency

Power Saving Mode allows users to extend the projector’s lifespan and minimize energy consumption. When in Power Saving Mode, the projector will automatically switch into Eco Mode and SuperEco Mode whenever there is no signal input detected.

Power Saving

Ease of Use

360-degree Creative Applications

The projector can be freely rotated at any angle vertically to aid with creative applications, allowing projection onto ceilings, walls, or angled signage.


90-degree Portrait Mode

Portrait mode allows users to turn the projector 90 degrees to increase the vertical field of view and add more applications for projection mapping, staging, and advertising.

Portrait Mode

Built-in HDBaseT Receiver

LS800WU’s built-in HDBaseT receiver is able to transmit uncompressed high resolution audio and video at a lengthy distance (100 meters for 1080p and 70 meters for 4K/2K) when combined with a cat5e/cat6 cable and is compatible with any certified HDBaseT transmitter.


Installation Flexibility

The tool-free control knob controls the lens shift function for easily adjusting the projection lens up, down, left, and right, providing flexible installation options with less placement restrictions.

H/V Lens Shift

Larger than Life Images

Equipped with a 1.65X optical zoom lens, this projector provides mounting flexibility with a wider throw distance range.

1.65XOptical Zoom

Non-stop 24/7 Operation

With an advanced cooling design, LS800WU enables 24/7 operation without degradation of quality or performance, making the projector ideal for applications that require continuous projection.


LAN Control

LS800WU is the first ViewSonic projector compatible with Control4 network management. The projector is also Creston, AMX and vController compatible for easy-to-use network management.

LAN Control

Multiple HDMI Inputs

3 HDMI ports provide more options for connecting any HDMI-enabled multimedia devices.

3 HDMI Inputs

Easy Image Adjustment

Horizontal and Vertical Keystone correction along with 4 corner adjustment features eliminate crooked or distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture every time.

HVKeystone4Corner Adjustment

Instant Activation

Auto Power On can be used to get your projector up and running in an instant:

  • Signal Power On: The projector will power on automatically upon detection of a HDMI and VGA1 cable connection.
  • CEC compatible: The projector can be set to trigger DVD players to switch on/off automatically whenever the projector is powered on/off.
Auto Power On

ViewSonic DLP Projectors

Exceptional DLP Image Quality

DLP display technology combines accurate, long lasting color with high native contrast ratios. Nowadays, about 90% of Movie Theaters use DLP technology for Digital Projection. The same technology that started a revolution just got a lot better!

Long-lasting Color Performance

Built on all-digital DLP technology, the DMD (Digital Micromirror Device) is able to recreate its incoming source material with each projection experience that will not fade over time. Therefore, ViewSonic DLP projectors virtually eliminate image degradation and deliver brand new color performance every time of use.

Crystal Clear Images

DMD structures a high fill factor pixel arrangement with small gap, so ViewSonic DLP projectors could produce smooth, clean images. The graphs and text is displayed more precisely and without “screen door effect”.

High Native Contrast Ratio

The optical system used in ViewSonic DLP projectors provides “Deeper Black” and “Native High Contrast Ratios” due to DMD technology. A high contrast ratio adds depth to images and gives them a more realistic feel.

  1. Horizontal lens shift adjustment
  2. 1.65X optical zoom
  3. Front IR
  4. Power key & Top IR
  5. Keypad
  6. Vertical lens shift adjustment
  7. Focus adjustment
  8. HDMI x3
  9. Computer in
  10. Monitor out
  11. Video
  12. 3D sync (VESA)
  13. Mini USB for service
  14. USB type A (5V/1.5A)
  15. AC in
  16. LAN (FJ45)
  17. HDBaseT (RJ45)
  18. RS232
  19. Audio out
  20. Audio in / Mic in
  21. Audio in (R/L)
  22. Kensington lock

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