AOV is a locally established brand that focuses on applying innovative technologies to audio-visual products and promotes the popularization of related products. AOV directly uses the current mature interactive touch screen technology, so it can save research and development costs, and provide the business and education circles with high-tech interactive touch screen products with specifications and levels similar to international brands at a popular price. . In addition, AOV is rooted in Hong Kong, familiar with the local market, and can provide local users with the most advanced and demanding audio-visual products.

At present, the interactive touch screen of AOV is divided into two series- AT and ST , both of which are used for commercial and educational purposes. Among them, ST is a newer model, which is more complete than AT in terms of hardware configuration and functions. The following will first introduce the basic specifications of the two AOV series, and then elaborate on other details.

The basic specifications of the AOV interactive touch screen series:

Memory CapacityInfrared touch
/capacitive screen
Add Windows
OPS computer
7HAndroid 8.03G Ram
/32G Rom
IR touch6 split screen20 o’clockOptionalYesOne year

The ST series is the latest upgraded version in 2020, which improves the specifications and functions of the AT series as a whole. The goal is to provide users with a better experience. In terms of basic specifications, both ST and AT provide four size options, and use 7H hardness tempered glass and support 4K resolution, suitable for general commercial and educational purposes. At the same time, both series use the Andriod 8.0 system, and the operation is 3G Ram/32G Rom. Users can download various software according to their personal needs.

In terms of projection technology, the AT series provides 4 split screens, and the upgraded ST series has increased to 6. In terms of touch points, both series are 20-point touch, and 10 points can be written at the same time. Each interactive touch screen comes with two stylus pens. The pen is a double-headed thick and thin design with different colors for writing on both sides. In addition, it can be inserted into a Windows OPS computer. It is very flexible and can be used for business functions or teaching purposes.

In order to provide the best quality products at the most affordable price, the AT and ST series not only use IR infrared touch technology, but also have a built-in Wi-Fi module, which can support Wi-Fi on-screen and Bluetooth functions. Other brands that need to purchase Wi-Fi modules separately can save an extra cost.

High specification hardware configuration

In order to ensure product quality, AOV has conducted strict screening when selecting manufacturers. The partners have production experience in the production of international interactive touch screen brand products. Therefore, whether it is the AT or ST series, the hardware quality is roughly the same as that of the international brands. It is no different, so there is confidence in the quality of the hardware. In addition, the AOV interactive touch screen uses LG Panel, among which the ST series supports mainstream network hard drives such as Google Drive and One Drive to facilitate users to quickly access cloud resources.

Multiple supporting equipment

Web cam

Fashionable mobile stand

Plug-in OPS computer

Demonstration of installing touch screen on mobile stand

In addition to focusing on the hardware configuration of the product, AOV also provides additional supporting equipment for interactive touch screens in order to meet the different needs of the business and education circles. At the same time, it will provide tailor-made screen services according to the user’s place of use.


Whether it is a business video conference or a school’s remote teaching, the interactive touch screen must be equipped with a video recording device, and the ST and AT series have preset positions for installing the video lens, users can according to their needs Purchase a suitable camera lens (a microphone is attached), and you can use it through easy installation. In addition, some users’ interactive touch screens may need to be used in multiple meeting rooms or classrooms, and AOV can provide matching electric lifting or 180-degree inverted metal mobile brackets according to user needs, allowing users to easily push the screen to Use place.

In response to the needs of schools, AOV specially launched the “T-Board Interactive Touch Screen for Parallel Movement” design. At present, the classrooms of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong are equipped with wall-mounted blackboards/whiteboards. The “T-Board Interactive Touch Screen for Parallel Movement” is used through a designed moving track, combined with interactive touch screens and wall-mounted blackboards/whiteboards. Teachers can easily use the interactive touch screen or traditional blackboard to teach in a way of moving to meet the teaching needs of different subjects.

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Free software combination

At present, most major brands promote their own software and restrict users from installing other software on interactive touch screens. AOV, unlike other major brands, allows users to install commercial or educational APKs according to their needs for commercial or educational purposes. Apps used.

The AOV interactive touch screen uses the Andriod 8.0 system, which is suitable for most software in the market. Users can install related software with the assistance of AOV according to commercial or teaching needs. At present, the teaching software recommended by AOV includes Miro , Snowflake, etc.; commercial software includes Microsoft Whiteboard , Zoom, etc. At present, most interactive touch screen software is required to pay copyright fees, so you can ask AOV to assist in the selection when choosing.

AOV specializes in the most innovative audio-visual technology, so its interactive touch screen is similar to the big brands in hardware specifications and levels. The only difference is that it does not develop its own proprietary software. In general, the use of proprietary software interactive touch screen can be said to have mixed pros and cons.

First of all, most interactive touch screen brands will include the R&D cost of exclusive software into the product cost. Therefore, the price of interactive touch screens with exclusive software is naturally higher. Note that there are actually many cheap and high-quality products in the market. Software with similar functions. Second, the product has the software installed before leaving the factory, which is relatively convenient for users to use. However, most interactive touch screen brands that provide exclusive software generally restrict users from downloading other software in order to promote their exclusive software. In other words, users are in the software The selectivity is quite limited, and the flexibility of using the interactive touch screen is also low.

On the other hand, although AOV does not develop proprietary software for interactive touch screens, it allows and assists users to install different types of commercial or educational software for interactive touch screens according to commercial or educational needs. Therefore, on the one hand, AOV can provide users with high-performance interactive touch screen products at a popular price, and on the other hand, it can enhance the flexibility of the product. In fact, many professional software companies in the market have developed software suitable for interactive touch screens, including commercial word processing software, video conferencing software, teaching software, etc., and local education publishing houses also provide a teaching material resource platform for the academic community. And software. These software, especially teaching software, are designed for the Hong Kong market and school system, and can better meet the needs of Hong Kong users than proprietary software launched in some other countries or regions.

Since AOV itself is rooted in Hong Kong, it is more familiar with the local business environment and school system than the interactive touch screen brands produced in other countries or regions, so it can design and install the most suitable software for the interactive touch screen purchased by local users. To achieve the effect of tailor-made, the best performance of the product. Although the update speed of the built-in software of the AOV interactive touch screen will be slower than that of other major brands, overall, in terms of the hardware quality and price of the interactive touch screen, AOV can be said to be among the best among many brands.

In addition to being a high-quality, high-performance and affordable product, the AOV interactive touch screen also provides one-year maintenance and repair services to ensure local maintenance and local repairs. Users can also negotiate to extend the maintenance period as needed. In addition, AOV also provides a rent-and-buy service. Users can rent the interactive touch screen of the AOV first, and then decide whether to buy after experiencing it. When purchasing interactive touch screens, AOV can also tailor different packages for users, such as with high-definition lenses, mobile brackets, physical projectors, etc., and download and install required software for users, providing relatively diverse services. For users who need to use high-tech products to improve operational efficiency and work efficiency and have limited budgets, the AOV interactive touch screen is an ideal choice.

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