There are various types of meetings, and there are many different types of meeting requirements, such as collaborative meetings and remote video conferences. One display screen is really not enough. Multiple displays and collaborative writing are required. Although traditional whiteboards can meet some of the writing needs, they have When it comes to a meeting with a lot of information and a fast pace, the writing area is too short and the content cannot be saved in real time. You have to organize the meeting minutes after the meeting…



Therefore, BenQ has launched an innovative dual-screen interactive touch panel CP series to meet the needs of different forms of conferences in terms of size, function and extended features. The three advantages of dual-board (Dual-Board), dual-OS (Dual-OS), and dual-window (Dual-Window) deeply match the needs of users in subdivided meeting situations and greatly improve the meeting experience. “era.

    Dual-board display, easy to separate and combine

    Because it can both display and write, the conference tablet can replace two conference tools at the same time. When dealing with fast-paced collaborative meetings, users can display and record more information by switching the interface. However, when a single screen is facing the simultaneous existence of video, presentation, and writing needs, it can only be solved by constantly switching the screen or split-screen display, and the cost of the meeting is a decline in the conference experience.



 The BenQ CP series touch panel has two tablets. The result is that one plus one is greater than two. The two tablets can be quickly assembled through the magnetic interface on the side. Not only can the screen content be quickly expanded to dual screens, but the files on the two tablets can also be shared. , Regardless of whether it is video, presentation or writing, the available screens will be significantly expanded, and data transmission will be more convenient. Even when multi-person collaboration in medium and large meetings, it is easy and stress-free to start multi-screen tasks. And compared to traditional whiteboards, CP series touch panels can be annotated, erased, and saved at any time. 20-point touch is more powerful than 10-point touch, allowing multiple people to write on the conference tablet at the same time, satisfying group discussion and sharing need.


    Cross-system compatibility, no equipment


    For companies that support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), the biggest headache for meetings is that personal devices and conference devices are not compatible, and the interface wiring does not match. Not only is it necessary to find a suitable adapter, but also the system itself is compatible, which is time-consuming and laborious.


   The CP series supports dual-system operation. The tablet itself has a built-in Android system. Plug the OPS into the tablet to run Windows in the system. The difference is that the CP series also supports the picture-in-picture function, and the Windows system window can also be opened in the Android system, so that it is more convenient to deal with documents exclusive to the Windows system such as CAD files, without being restricted by the system.



 In view of the possible interface and wiring mismatch problems when different devices are connected to the screen, the CP series of wireless projection screens support a variety of devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, and even support reverse touch control devices, which can meet enterprise BYOD office to the greatest extent.

    Dual screen coexistence, information expansion

    Multi-tasking scenes during the conference often use split-screen display, or compare drafts, or video, or retrieve data online during brainstorming. At this time, we must say: Split-screen Dafa is good.

    The new CP series supports multi-tasking and dual-screen operation, which not only supports dual-screen between two applications, but also can open an application interface while inputting another signal source. The two-pronged approach can meet more extended display needs.



BenQ has been deeply involved in the commercial display field for many years and has its own unique insights into touch-sensitive interactive tablets. In terms of efficiency, the interactive conference tablet launched by BenQ supports wireless projection of multiple devices, built-in AMS account management system, and its own system also provides rich applications; and in terms of health, it was the first time to introduce low blue light and non-flicker eye protection technology in 2012. In the conference touch panel field, the silver ion antibacterial coating screen and the air quality detection sensor technology were added in the following 17 and 18 years. Today, we continue to innovate and launch the CP series of dual-screen interactive touch panels, which deeply meets the needs of multi-task conference display and helps companies create efficient and healthy conference office space.

    In workplace meetings, whenever you feel that the screen is not enough and the whiteboard is not enough for writing, have you ever thought that the screen is not powerful enough? Compared with the combination of projectors and traditional whiteboards, touch-sensitive interactive tablets have the natural advantages of multi-person writing and collaboration. More and more companies are introducing touch-sensitive interactive tablets for meetings. BenQ’s new dual-screen interactive CP series touch panel will give you “good-looking”.

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