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To make it more convenient for users to access and manage their files and personal device environment, BenQ releases Account Management System (AMS) to make it easier for users to access and manage files as well as accounts. Additionally, AMS also guarantees a more effortless way for IT personnel to manage accounts, improving the efficiency and convenience of managing accounts on BenQ’s IFPs to a whole new level.

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AMS Tutorial Video for End Users (Principals, Teachers and Students)


AMS Tutorial Video for IT Members and Administrators


Personalized User Environment and Instant Access to Cloud Storage through AMS

Personalized Workspace Environments

As IFP are generally considered to be public devices that store data from many users, the data is often unorganized and difficult to locate. There is no solution to customize each user’s environment and filter out their data. AMS provides customized workspace environments, private local storage space, and personalized settings for user’s convenience. Users can access their personalized workspace environment and settings on any IFP that they have logged into, and the process could be further accelerated with BenQ designed NFC cards.

Auto Login to Cloud Storage Accounts

Data on Android devices can be difficult for novice users to locate and bring with them. Cloud storage is the solution that fits this need, but logging into a cloud account with sensitive login credentials can be a risky behavior. AMS strengthens the level of security and gets rid of the complexity of entering passwords when users try to access their cloud storage accounts. With BenQ AMS, users only have to log into their cloud storage accounts once at setup/ account creation, and they can then start accessing data without having to login ever again on the IFP. AMS automatically sets permissions for personal and network folders, providing another way for users to easily find and organize their data. AMS makes accessing various storage spaces more secure and easily accessible.

Efficient Account Management and Simplified Setup for IT Managers

Efficient Account Managemen

Traditionally, it is extremely time consuming to manage large amounts of user accounts for corporate IT managers. AMS provides a clear and intuitive user interface for IT managers to import and manage multiple user accounts.

One Step NFC Card Setting

Connecting personal accounts to ID cards through traditional management software is a complicated process to implement. AMS eliminates the complicated process of setup and encryption and can link an account to an ID card through one simple step.

Hassle-free Account Binding with AMS

Traditional ways to match IFPs with data management systems are complicated and have limitations. AMS can simply bind devices seconds after the devices are connected to the network.

*Note: Suggested card readers: ACS : ACR1242U / Synnux: CL-2100R / D-Logic / InfoThink : IT-101MU / ONETAK

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Account Management System (AMS) | BenQ
Account Management System (AMS) | BenQ




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