With the advancement of science and technology, human cognition ability of things is getting stronger and stronger, and the development of holographic projection is also becoming more and more rapid, from the simple two-dimensional plane to the three-dimensional era, and some people even proposed and started to study the four-dimensional virtual space technology.


In various industries, holographic projection technology has been recognized and widely used, which makes 3D holographic projection technology gradually mature. In the past, 3D stereoscopic visual effects could only be seen in movie theaters. At the same time, you also need to bring special 3D glasses. Now with holographic projection technology, you can experience 3D stereoscopic visual effects without wearing 3D glasses on any occasion.

Friends who have watched Avatar 3D movies have all experienced 3D image visual effects, and its shock is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. 3D holographic projection is a kind of recording and reproducing the real three-dimensional image of the object by the principle of interference and diffraction. The viewer can experience the real 3D image visual effect without wearing 3D glasses.

 What kind of visual effect does holographic projection have?

  The 360-degree phantom imaging produced by 3D holographic projection is a three-dimensional projection presentation system based on three-dimensional technology, which can create a realistic and illusory on-site atmosphere. The three-dimensional visual effect is amazing and has a very good sense of depth. It’s hard to tell whether a person is true or false. 3D holographic projection technology can be said to be a combination of virtual images and real objects. Visitors can see virtual characters and scenes without wearing 3D glasses. Then, by adding corresponding motion capture equipment and scene sensors, people can interact with each other. The interactive communication of virtual images has outstanding interactive effects.


Because the advanced projection technology of holographic projection breaks the limitation of space and carrier, people can directly see the image displayed in the air with the naked eye, and can display 360 degrees without blind angle, the vision is very shocking, so it is in the market. The application is very popular and is quickly promoted to various industries.


 At present, 3D holographic projection has been widely used in stage performance, product display, exhibition site, digital exhibition hall, museum science and technology museum and other fields.


In order to meet the needs of users in different industries in the market, businesses have seized this huge business opportunity and derived many products using the application principle of holographic projection technology, such as: holographic showcase, holographic VR game, holographic helmet, holographic glasses, holographic Fans and so on, each has its own characteristics.

Today I’m going to introduce you to the “holographic fan”, also called the naked-eye 3D holographic advertising machine, or the “holographic smart dazzling screen”.


From the appearance design of the holographic fan, it looks like a fan, but it is not the same as an ordinary fan. It has only 2 fan blades, which is actually an LED light strip, but it is protected by a protective cover. Its application is to gradually form a continuous and complete image through high-speed rotation, and it has a three-dimensional effect, and the visual effect is very realistic.


Holographic fans can create the illusion of objects rotating in the air; microprocessors and sensors locate the angle, speed and position of each light-emitting diode (LED lamp bead), and then send it to each light-emitting diode (LED lamp bead) The signal creates a realistic three-dimensional image.

Compared with traditional lighting advertisements, the pictures presented are more agile, more attractive to consumers, easy to carry, easy to install, low power consumption, and gather all the excellent functions of advertising equipment; it can present a 3D image while rotating , Due to the high-speed rotation of the light bar, it appears to the naked eye that the entire picture is suspended in the air, which realizes the screenless display of the content and becomes a favorite tool for businesses.


Mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1) Zero cost of structure

The naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine is flexible in installation, no structure is required, and pendants are provided with the shipment, and no additional expenses are added.


2) Play 2D/3D video

The naked-eye 3D holographic advertising machine can play 2D/3D video, no screen display, and the 3D effect is realistic, which is incomparable with the conventional LED display.


3) Brightness up to 1600CD

The maximum brightness of the conventional indoor LED display is 1200CD, while the naked-eye 3d holographic advertising machine reaches 1600CD, and the audience is farther.


4) Network transmission does not require signal boards and boxes

It comes with WIFI, which can directly connect to the network to transfer files. Unlike the LED display, you need to add a receiving card, a sending card, a signal board and a box to transmit signals and connect to the Internet.


5) Only 1/3 of the price of LED display

No need to install the structure, no additional software and hardware, the comprehensive cost price is only 1/3 of the LED display.

The practical application of holographic fan screen——

At present, it is mainly used in advertising media , display and exhibition fields. It can meet the playback of 2D and 3D videos. It has built-in WIFI module and supports network interconnection. It has realistic effects of playing 3D videos long life , low energy consumption , easy to install and easy to use , and high value in use. , appropriate use of broad characteristics, widely installed in shopping malls, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, stores, subways, airports and other indoor , semi-outdoor applications. It is suitable for expressing individual items with rich details or internal structure, such as famous watches, famous cars, jewelry, industrial products , as well as characters, cartoons, etc., giving the audience the impression of being completely three-dimensional.


1) The naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine for jewelry stores can clearly display the details of jewelry in all directions;


2) The naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine for chain stores can display the effect of the product, and can also display the discount information of the product;


3) The naked-eye 3D holographic advertising machine for kitchen windows can make the display of the window display more realistic and more eye-catching than ordinary window;


4) The naked-eye 3d holographic advertising machine with stage background can combine the stage background and scenes to achieve a unique effect in the painting;

5) The naked-eye 3d holographic advertising machine for exhibitions can magnify and display the exhibits clearly, and it can also be displayed at a distance. Effect;


5) The naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine for subway can display real-time subway information, such as subway arrival status and subway stop information;


6) In the future, the scope of application of naked-eye 3D holographic advertising machine is not only these, including in the field of education, games, vehicles, gifts, exhibition halls, etc., it may be widely used.

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