BenQ is a well-known electronic brand in Taiwan. Its products include LCD monitors, computer monitors, projectors and interactive touch screens. Its interactive touch screen has been the global sales champion for six consecutive years, so it has confidence in brand reputation and product quality.

The interactive touch screens launched by BenQ are divided into two categories: commercial use and educational use. Among them, CP and RP series are commercial series, and RM and RE are educational series. Among the four series, the CP commercial series is the latest series. Therefore, its specifications, software and hardware are better than the other four series, but due to the higher technology used, the price will be slightly lower than the other three series. expensive. The following will first introduce the overall specifications of the series, and then introduce the unique features of the BenQ interactive touch screen.


First, let’s briefly introduce the basic specifications of BenQ’s four series of interactive touch screens:

seriessizeGlass specificationssmart systemHardware
Imaging technologySplit
Antibacterial coating
/air detection
Add Windows
OPS computer
Commercial SeriesCP65″/86″7HAndroid 8.04G Ram/32G RomPCAP capacitive screen9 split screensBothEZWrite Cloud Whiteboard
X-Sign Intelligent Broadcasting System
YesThree-year warranty
RP65″/75″/86″9HAndroid 8.04G Ram/32G RomIR touch9 split screensBothEZWrite Cloud Whiteboard
X-Sign Intelligent Broadcasting System
YesThree-year warranty
Education SeriesRM55″/65″/75″/86″9HAndroid 8.04G Ram/32G RomIR touch9 split screensAntibacterial coatingEZWrite Cloud Whiteboard
X-Sign Intelligent Broadcasting System
YesThree-year warranty
RE65″/75″/86″9HAndroid 8.03G Ram/32G RomIR touch4 split screensAntibacterial coatingEZWrite Cloud Whiteboard
X-Sign Intelligent Broadcasting System
YesThree-year warranty

On the whole, BenQ’s interactive touch screen provides a total of four size options, with a preference for larger sizes. Except for the latest CP series, which uses 7H hardness tempered glass with a slightly lower hardness as the screen, the other three series have to use 9H hardness tempered glass, which basically meets the needs of normal use. The four series all use the most popular Andriod 8.0, which can download most of the software in the market. In operation, except for the RE series which are 3G Ram/32G Rom, the other three series are 4G Ram/32G Rom, which can basically meet the needs of general users.

BenQ has been ranked as the global sales champion of interactive touch screens for six consecutive years

It is worth noting that, as mentioned above, one of the reasons why the CP series is obviously more expensive than the other three series is that it uses the higher-tech PCAP capacitive screen technology in the imaging technology, while the RP, RM, and RE series are It uses low-cost IR infrared touch technology. Due to the different technologies used, the design of the fuselage is also obviously different-the interactive touch screen using PCAP capacitive screen technology will have no frame like a normal iPad, while the interactive touch screen using IR infrared touch technology will have a frame on all four sides. . In terms of operation, whether it is using PCAP capacitive screen or IR infrared touch technology, the way users use it is the same. Therefore, users can choose the applicable series according to their personal preferences, needs and budget.

In terms of projection technology, in addition to the entry-level RE series that provides 4 split screens, the CP, RP, and RM series all provide 9 split screens. Among them, the CP series can support dual-screen splicing mode display, which is more flexible than the other three series. Big.


In terms of touch points, the four series are all 20 touch points. In writing, 10 points are allowed to be written at the same time. Each interactive touch screen comes with two special stylus pens. When using it, users can choose four different writing colors. This design is very convenient for business reports or teaching.


In addition, users can add lenses and microphones to the BenQ interactive touch screen as needed for video conferencing or remote teaching. At the same time, all four BenQ series allow the addition of Windows OPS computers, which is more flexible in use.

Exclusive advantage──antibacterial function

The best advantage of BenQ’s interactive touch screen over other brands is that it can best meet the needs of the current situation. In order to protect the health of users, in addition to the use of anti-flash screen and low blue light technologies, it also produces antibacterial functions. Interactive touch screen.


The screen glass of BenQ’s interactive touch screen is coated with multiple layers of nano-ionic silver, which can kill most bacteria and reduce the chance of bacteria spreading in confined spaces. Even if the screen is wiped and cleaned many times, its antibacterial effect will not be affected. Function. BenQ’s antibacterial technology has also been certified by TÜV Rheinland and SIAA in Japan. In addition, BenQ’s interactive touch screen is also equipped with an air quality sensor, which can monitor the temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and CO 2 data in the environment, and give reminders, which can effectively protect the health of users.

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Three excellent software packages

AMS Smart Account Management System

In order to facilitate different people to use the same interactive touch screen to report or teach, the BenQ interactive touch screen has a special AMS smart account management system. Users can use this system to create an account, and use the NFC identification card to log in, directly connect to Google Drive, Cloud systems such as Dropbox access personal files, eliminating the need to display personal accounts and passwords on the display screen, which can effectively protect users’ personal privacy and better keep company information confidential.

EZWrite writing tool software

BenQ interactive touch screen provides writing tool software-EZWrite. For commercial use, users can use this software to make presentations and edit them on the screen immediately; for teaching, EZWrite can be used as an electronic whiteboard, and it is equipped with mathematical calculations, geometric formulas, and voting statistics. It is suitable for multiple subjects.

In addition, EZWrite 5.0 adds an intelligent handwriting recognition function, which can convert handwritten English, numbers, drawings or tables into digital formats, and at the same time, export relevant information into files and download them in QR code format for attendees or students. The information is very convenient.

X-sign Smart Broadcasting System

The X-sign smart broadcast system can display preset or real-time dynamic information on the screen according to user needs. In business, this system can be used to provide shopping information or promote promotional products; in schools, this system can instantly release the latest school information to teachers and students in each classroom, such as reporting campus emergencies or typhoon suspension. These dynamic information will only occupy a part of the screen, so it will not affect the normal operation of the screen.


BenQ has developed four series of RE, RM, RP, and CP in response to the needs of different sectors. The first two are mainly used by the education sector, while the latter two have strong specifications and functions and are mainly used by the business community.

In details, RE and RM are both educational series, but RM is equipped with a laser pointer effect remote control, which can emit a signal to produce a laser aperture effect on the screen, which is more suitable for classroom use. RM uses a protruding loudspeaker in the design. The design not only has higher sound effect playback quality, but the protruding design also facilitates teachers to place stylus or other teaching aids.

As for the commercial series of RP and CP , RP and RE and RM also use IR infrared touch technology, while CP uses capacitive screen principle technology. Therefore, CP is superior in appearance. In the built-in package, RP and CP have added the Tpye-C interface. When users log in to the AMS smart account management system, they also use NFC identification card technology to more effectively protect users’ privacy and enhance the confidentiality of company information. Both series have built-in McAfee Mobile Security security protection program to further prevent data leakage.

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In addition, in order to maintain the health quality of office staff, RP and CP use antibacterial screens, low blue light and non-flicker technology similar to RE and RM. They also have built-in air sensors that can monitor the temperature, humidity, and air content in the place of use. PM2.5 and CO 2 levels, and make prompts.

In use, RP and CP are equipped with TeamViewer technology remote support, technicians and customers can easily chat, transfer files back and forth, check device information, stop the process, push and pull Wi-Fi settings, etc. The IFP can be controlled remotely, so that the technicians can access the IFP as if they were operating the IFP in person.

The higher-spec CP series allows for dual-screen splicing, and provides dual-software working screens and portrait screen vertical display modes. The flexibility of use is the highest among the four series.

All in all, in terms of comprehensive functions, appearance, hardware and software, and price, BenQ’s price-performance ratio can be said to be the highest among all brands. It can meet the needs of both commercial and educational purposes. Currently, BenQ’s interactive touch screens provide three-year maintenance and on-site repair services, and after-sales service is also confidently guaranteed.

Commercial series touch screen

Education series touch screen

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