DTEN is an American brand established in 2015 in response to the rise of Internet video conferencing. Since DTEN’s products are designed for the video conferencing market, most of its users are commercial organizations, and many of them are multinational companies. Based on the characteristics of the main user groups, DTEN has a relatively high level of specifications in terms of information security. At the same time, it is one of the suppliers that has obtained the ZOOM certification of video conferencing software.

DTEN has now launched three series-DTEN D7, DTEN ON and DTEN ME. The products are mainly designed for the commercial market, among which DTEN D7 is the latest model. Based on the technology and configuration specifications adopted by DTEN, the market price of DTEN series products is relatively high. The following will first introduce the overall specifications of the three series, and then elaborate on the characteristics of each series.

The basic specifications of DTEN's three series of interactive touch screens are as follows:

Infrared touch
/capacitive screen
Add Windows
OPS computer
DTEN D7 series55″/75″Samsung Grade A and LG glassesWindows loTNo announcementPCAP capacitive screenOne split screen20 o’clockBuilt-in 4K lensBuilt-in ZOOM one-key conferenceYesOne year
DTEN ON series55″Samsung Grade A and LG glassesWindows loTNo announcementPCAP capacitive screenOne split screen20 o’clockBuilt-in 4K lensBuilt-in ZOOM one-key conferenceYesOne year
DTEN ME series27″Samsung Grade A and LG glassesWindows loTNo announcementPCAP capacitive screenOne split screen20 o’clockBuilt-in 1080P lensBuilt-in ZOOM one-key conferenceNoOne year
DTEN D7 series 55-inch dual screen splicing

Among the three series, the DTEN ON and DTEN D7 series provide large-size screens, which are mainly used for video conferences in conference rooms. Among them, the 55-inch display of the DTEN D7 series allows dual-screen splicing. The DTEN ME series only provides a 27-inch option. According to the official point, it is mainly designed for individual users, that is, it is mainly used for remote video conferencing at home or in a personal office. According to official information, the DTEN series uses Samsung A-grade and LG glass; in terms of hardware, the DTEN ON and DTEN ME series use DTEN OS, while DTEN D7 is DTEN D7 OS. It can be seen that DTEN D7 has a different OS system. Two series are new. In addition, the intelligent system of the DTEN interactive touch screen uses Windows loT instead of the Andriod system.

One of the differences between DTEN and other brands of interactive touch screens is that the three series of products all use the higher-cost PCAP capacitive screen technology. The display made of PCAP capacitive screen technology has no frame, the appearance of the body is smoother, and the body is thinner and lighter. The overall design is lighter than the interactive touch screen made with IR infrared touch technology.

In terms of projection technology, the three series only provide 1 split screen, and most interactive touch screens in the market will provide at least 4 split screens, so the split screen function is weaker than other brands. In terms of touch points, the three series all have 20 touch points, and 10 points are allowed to be written at the same time. Each DTEN interactive touch screen series will come with two monochromatic special stylus (writing color is black), which is convenient for users to write and draw on the screen.

Complete video functions

Because the DTEN interactive touch screen is designed for video conferencing, the body has built-in high-quality lenses, microphones and speakers, unlike other brands that need to purchase and install additional equipment to conduct video conferencing.

In addition, as an interactive touch screen specially designed for video conferencing, DTEN is one of the certified system suppliers of ZOOM software. The three series of DTEN D7, DTEN ON and DTEN ME have been installed with ZOOM software at the factory. It can be used after connecting to the Internet, saving the process of installing software by yourself.

High system security

Since DTEN’s target customer base is mainly from the business community, the requirements for information security are relatively high. To ensure information confidentiality and user privacy, DTEN’s information security specifications are significantly higher than other brands in the market. First, DTEN products have built-in camera lenses, radio microphones and speakers when they leave the factory, which can prevent users from accidentally purchasing related hardware with security vulnerabilities; second, DTEN products have been installed for users with video Conference software ZOOM, this can also avoid the risk of users when downloading programs. Therefore, for users with higher privacy and information security requirements, the price of DTEN is relatively high, but it can be said to be a good value for money.

Integrated functional products

The DTEN product is an “All-in-One Video Conference System”, which emphasizes multiple functions and simple operation. Whether it is DTEN D7, DTEN ON or DTEN ME series, it has already integrated a video conferencing system, an electronic whiteboard, and a general document file access function. Whether it is for meetings, work reports or processing paper files, it can be “one machine” deal with”. In addition, because the product itself has built-in different hardware and software, such as lenses, radio microphones, etc., users only need to connect the power supply and the network after unpacking, and they can use it immediately. Both installation and operation are simpler than other similar product brands.

The two series of DTEN D7 and DTEN ON are mainly used in meeting rooms, and the screens are available in 55 inches and 75 inches. Both series of display screens support 4K resolution, built-in 4K wide-angle video lens, and can automatically track people or background; in addition, built-in 16 microphones, a wide range of 18 meters, with echo cancellation and background noise functions. The newer model DTEN D7 especially upgraded the speaker system, using dual-channel stereo speakers, which is better than DTEN ON, which uses mono-stereo speakers. In addition, DTEN D7 and DTEN ON both support single device screen projection, and can be plugged into a Windows OPS computer.

Compared with the DTEN ME series, which are mainly used for personal office or study, the display has only a 27-inch display. It is designed for use in a small environment. Therefore, the hardware level is lower than the DTEN D7 and DTEN ON series. DTEN ME has built-in three wide-angle lenses, a 1080P lens, and 8 microphones. The receiving distance is about 5 meters. It also has the function of eliminating echo and background noise. Although DTEN ME can be used as the user’s second screen, it cannot be plugged into a Windows OPS computer.

However, users should pay attention to that, in order to protect product information security and user privacy, DTEN does not allow users to install other software by themselves. Therefore, the download and use of the software are very restricted. For the need to install different working software on the interactive touch screen Relatively inconvenient for users.

In recent years, as the epidemic has spread globally, businesses, societies and personal lives in all regions have been severely affected. In order to alleviate the epidemic, all localities advocate maintaining social distancing and reducing social contact. Not only did the government and companies start to promote working from home, but schools also implemented remote teaching. Under the influence of the general environment, the application of interactive touch screens has become more popular. DTEN, an interactive touch screen brand established for video conferencing, has begun to gain the attention of various companies and institutions around the world, such as multinational pharmaceutical companies ROCHE, GILEAD, Johnson & Johnson; business management and financial companies JP Morgan, VISA, and Citibank; real estate Construction logistics industry Kerry Construction, Wanda Group, etc., have become DTEN customers. In addition, well-known institutions of higher learning such as Stanford University, Harvard University and Fudan University in the Mainland have also introduced DTEN interactive touch screens for remote teaching. Under this general trend, it is believed that interactive touch screens will gradually become a necessity for large and small offices and academic circles.

On the whole, DTEN is mainly designed for professional and demanding user markets. The current customer base is mainly from the business community, but its products are also selected by many higher education institutions, such as Stanford University, Harvard University and Fudan University in the Mainland. If the user has a large budget and mainly uses an interactive touch screen for video conferencing, and pursues a lightweight and fashionable product, DTEN is an ideal choice. At present, DTEN provides customers with one-year after-sales maintenance, and its service and quality are guaranteed.

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