BenQ full line of interactive whiteboards: discounts for academic circles in the new school year

BenQ full line of interactive whiteboards, CP/RP/RM/RE series, large-scale enterprise-level interactive touch display, suitable for small (4~5 people) and medium (10-20 people) meeting room spaces, with two built-in fronts The stylish design of the speaker and stylus tray can demonstrate the extraordinary taste of the company. The latest 20-point multi-touch, 4K UHD high resolution, smart eye protection mode and smart account management (Smart AMS). Intuitively designed operating system, wireless projection function, and support for central control and management functions, improve corporate operating efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

● EZWrite 5.0 smart writing annotation tool, support multi-touch function

● Multiple wireless functions for real-time sharing and gathering of participants’ opinions

● AMS smart account management, which can open a personal customized user interface

● Comprehensive eye protection solutions and silver ion antibacterial glass

BenQ Education Series

BenQ Business Series

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