‧U.S. market research company Grand View Research analyzes the trend of interactive touch screen market development

From the beginning of the invention of the television, mankind has entered the age of visual information. With the advancement of technology, people’s requirements for video quality and functions are getting higher and higher. In order to respond to the needs of the market and meet the needs of people’s daily life and business activities, video-information products are constantly being introduced and new, and traditional TV sets are gradually being banned by smart TV sets. The projector, which is often used in teaching and business meetings, has also begun to be replaced by another new product-an interactive touch screen.


For a long time, attendees in business meetings have mostly used computers and projectors to help explain; in teaching, teachers will also use projectors to assist in teaching. Projection screens are generally large, with 100 inches or larger being relatively common. Unfortunately, projection products are easily limited by the light environment. The screen is relatively dim and the colors are not clear enough. For business meetings, especially in product promotion, it will weaken the promotion efficiency. ; For Generation Z students who have lived in the IT world since they were young, the low-quality and lack of interactive one-way projection materials can hardly arouse their interest in learning. In addition, popular schools have promoted STEM teaching, and the demand for 5G networks and interactive teaching equipment is increasing day by day, and projectors have gradually been unable to meet the needs of teaching.


In response to the shortcomings of projectors, interactive touch screens have emerged as early as a few years ago. In the early days of the introduction of interactive touch screens, they were regarded as expensive high-tech products, so the procurement rate in the education sector was low. After the global epidemic broke out last year, people’s work patterns and daily lives have been significantly affected, and traditional business operations and school education models have also faced tremendous impact. Commercial organizations have begun to widely implement work from home (WFH). How to ensure the daily operation of the company, hold meetings on schedule, and achieve operational goals as planned has become the most urgent problem for companies to solve. As far as the education sector is concerned, how to ensure the progress of teaching when face-to-face courses are stopped, so that students can continue to study at home, is an urgent issue for principals and teachers to deal with.


In this general environment, coupled with the introduction of interactive touch screens over the years, the cost of mature technology has dropped, and interactive touch screens have finally faded from the label of “high-tech products” and have become “popular products” that are all over the market from unattainable. At present, the sales of interactive touch screens have risen against the market, and more companies and schools have begun to purchase such products. This phenomenon reflects that fundamental changes in traditional business activities and teaching models have begun, and it also confirms that interactive touch screen products can effectively promote business operations and improve the quality of teaching.

Interactive touch screen with multiple functions

The interactive touch screen is equivalent to the super-large ipad. It is a video and image product that integrates a computer, an interactive touch screen, wireless Internet access and audio-visual transmission functions. It is easy to install and use, which can greatly shorten the pre-work The flexibility is not comparable to that of traditional display screens and projectors.

High quality picture

Interactive touch screens usually support 4K or native 4K resolution, and can present high-brightness and clear images regardless of normal indoor light or dim environments, and there will be no screen reflections. In addition, users can choose the appropriate size (55”/65”/75”/86”/98”) according to the size of the use environment, so that people on site can clearly see the screen content at any position. Instead, use a projector It is necessary to dim the ambient light first. As long as there is interference from external light, the color of the picture will be relatively dim, which reduces the image effect and quality, and affects the intuitive experience. In addition, even if the highest resolution of the projector can reach 4K, the picture is usually detailed in a general environment The speed is still not as good as the 4K screen of the interactive touch screen.

Easy to use

The interactive touch screen is a touch screen. Users can directly control the device with their fingers or stylus on the screen, or use the built-in electronic whiteboard software function to write directly, and even automatically identify and record content. They can also interact at any time The touch screen adds additional content to the original data to help explain, and the interactive touch screen can be connected to a personal tablet or smart phone for remote operation, which is very convenient for meeting reports or classroom teaching; moreover, interactive touch screens generally have 10-40 point touch function, support multiple people to control at the same time. On the other hand, traditional projectors must be used with computers. In addition to taking time to connect and debug before use, they must also be used to control the computer. If it is used for teaching and demonstration, it is difficult for the speaker to take care of it and the action is restricted, and even requires special personnel to control it, and the use flexibility is low.

Built-in smart system

Interactive touch screens appeared about six years ago. After a long period of continuous research, the technology has become more and more mature. Most brands of interactive touch screens have built-in Android 8.0 smart systems. In addition to directly connecting to the Internet to browse websites and play audio and video materials, users can also install suitable commercial or educational software according to application requirements to meet their needs. In addition, the interactive touch screen can connect multiple tablets, mobile phones and other mobile devices at the same time, allowing users to cross-share information in real time, increasing mutual interaction, and improving both commercial efficiency and teaching efficiency. This diversified use function is indispensable for traditional display screens and projectors.

Price popularization

With the mature development of interactive touch screens, the cost of products continues to drop, and market prices have become closer to the people accordingly. At present, the price of interactive touch screens is almost the same as that of smart TVs and projectors of the same size, which can be afforded by ordinary enterprises and educational institutions. Therefore, compared to smart TVs and projectors, it is more cost-effective to purchase interactive touch screens with multiple functions and high benefits.

Advantages of interactive touch screen

4K ultra-high resolution

Screen size selection

Wireless split screen projection

Multi-touch or writing

Multi-party video conference

Export documents instantly

Screen sharing

Android APK software can be installed

Access to Drive

Optional Windows plug-in computer

Brand introduction

Since the advent of interactive touch screens, we have been paying close attention to the development of this category, extensively contacting and in-depth testing of interactive touch screens produced by many large and small brands, and we know our knowledge of such products very well. At present, global electronic product manufacturers generally follow the trend and launch interactive touch screens. Different brands have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of product characteristics and performance. Therefore, this time we specially selected five most suitable brands for the needs of the Hong Kong market and recommend them to everyone.


BenQ is a famous brand in Taiwan’s display equipment, and the product quality is guaranteed. At present, BenQ’s interactive touch screen is divided into four series-CP and RP are commercial series, and RM and RE are teaching series. Among them, only the CP series adopts PCAP capacitive screen principle technology, while the three series of RP, RM and RE adopt IR infrared touch technology. Although the technology used is different, it does not affect the way users use it. All of the interactive touch screens support 4K resolution, and the screen is made of 9H hardness tempered glass, which is sturdy and durable. To protect the health of users, BenQ’s interactive touch screen has developed the following three technologies:


  • Antibacterial coating: The screen glass is coated with multiple layers of nano-ionic silver, which can kill most of the bacteria. This antibacterial technology is certified by TÜV Rheinland and SIAA in Japan.
  • Air quality sensor: It can monitor the temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and CO 2 data in the environment, and make prompts.
  • Smart eye care: Automatically sense the environment and the user’s location, and automatically activate the “no flicker” and “low blue light” functions to ensure eye health.


The wireless projection technology of BenQ’s interactive touch screen allows 9 screens to be shared. In order to facilitate the use of different users, the CP and RP series can support NFC login, and the CP series can support dual-screen splicing mode for greater flexibility in use.


For teaching needs, BenQ’s interactive touch screen is specially equipped with a variety of teaching software, which is convenient for teachers to use. These teaching softwares include the exclusive writing software EZWrite, which supports multi-person and multi-point writing collaboration, including MS Office access, smart handwriting recognition function, group competition, computer, screen image recording and other interactive tools. Among them, the wireless projection software Instashare can also be used for cross-device (Windows, Chrome OS, macOS, iOS, Android) transfer. When teachers are teaching in the classroom, they can move around freely in the classroom to observe students’ learning and improve the quality of teaching.

At present, BenQ has been ranked as the global interactive touch screen sales champion for six consecutive years. BenQ provides three-year after-sales maintenance and on-site repair services for products. Users can choose the appropriate series according to commercial or teaching needs.


A well-known brand of video and imaging equipment headquartered in the United States and Taiwan, has cooperated with the well-known communication software SKYPE and Microsoft. ViewSonic’s interactive touch screen is divided into three series: Educational commercial series IFP50, commercial series IFP60, advanced commercial series IFP70. The first two use IR infrared touch technology, while the latter uses PCAP capacitive screen technology. At present, the IFP50 series provide the most size options, which are 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″, 98″; IFP60 only provides 75″ screens; IFP70 offers 65″ and 86″. In addition to the general interactive touch screen support 4K resolution, low blue light eye protection, electronic pen two-color writing and drawing, split screen (4) and other functions, the IFP60 series also supports fingerprint readers, and IFP70 is an upgraded version of IFP60. The design uses a PCAP capacitive touch screen, and is equipped with a Skype-certified advanced conference camera lens and the ultimate digital whiteboard function of the Microsoft workspace. To facilitate teaching and learning, ViewSonic has built-in myViewBoard® electronic whiteboard software in the IFP50 series. myViewBoard® is a global e-learning material platform that includes textbook resources for different subjects in many countries and regions. After registering, teachers can select suitable teaching materials through the myViewBoard® software built into the interactive touch screen, and use them in the classroom, saving lesson preparation time. At the same time, teachers can also share personally made teaching materials with other teachers through myViewBoard®. Since the main users of myViewBoard® are mostly from the education circles in Taiwan, Europe and the United States, the teaching materials are biased towards the school system of these places, and Hong Kong teachers may not be able to find directly applicable teaching materials on myViewBoard®. However, if the use of myViewBoard® can be promoted in the education sector in Hong Kong, in time, myViewBoard® will have the opportunity to become a teaching material library to improve the efficiency of lesson preparation for Hong Kong teachers.

All in all, although ViewSonic’s interactive touch screens are divided into two categories: commercial and teaching, they are mostly designed for the teaching market. Its products provide three-year after-sales maintenance and on-site repair services, coupled with its experience in cooperation with Skype and Microsoft, product quality is absolutely guaranteed.


AOV  ® is a well-known local video brand in Hong Kong. It focuses on promoting the application and popularization of innovative technologies, and is committed to providing users with the latest technology and high-performance popular high-quality products with high-value entry prices.


 Although AOV ® launched interactive touch screen products for a short period of time, because the interactive touch screen technology has matured, the latest core technology of interactive touch screens can be directly applied to its products. Since AOV  ® saves the most expensive research and development costs, compared to other major interactive touch screen brands, it can provide interactive touch screen products of the same specifications and levels at a relatively popular price. The product value ratio is the highest.

 The interactive touch screen of AOV ® is divided into AT series and ST series, both of which adopt IR infrared touch technology.

The AT series uses LG Panel, which operates on Android and Windows dual systems. There are as many as 40 touch points under the Window interface, which is twice as many as the 20 touch points of general brands. ST is the latest upgraded version in 2020, which improves the overall functional experience of the AT series.


The ST series is an educational and commercial series, offering four size options: 55″, 65″, 75″, and 86″. AOV’s interactive touch screens all use 7H hardness tempered glass and support 4K resolution. The split screen function of the old AT series can only support 4 projections, while the ST series has been upgraded to support 6 projections. In addition, the ST series adds a two-color function, which is very convenient for meeting seminars or classroom applications. At the same time, ST also supports mainstream network hard drives such as Google Drive and One Drive, allowing users to quickly access cloud resources.


AOV  ®’s interactive touch screen has a built-in Wi-Fi module, which can support Wi-Fi on-screen and Bluetooth functions. Compared with other brands that require a separate Wi-Fi module, it can save an extra cost.

Although the AOV  ® interactive touch screen may not be as good as the big brands in terms of the performance and update speed of its own software and built-in software  , but with the hardware and basic functions of the AOV ® interactive touch screen, it is actually not as good as other big brands. .


The AOV  ® interactive touch screen has a built-in Android 8.0 system. Users can install different teaching or commercial APK Apps according to their personal needs, including existing teaching software on the market, and teaching APK software provided by local publishers for schools. Therefore, compared with the brand’s main interactive touch screens in other regional markets, AOV  ® rooted in Hong Kong can more accurately tailor-made interactive touch screens for local enterprises, especially educational institutions.


AOV  ® provides peace-of-mind maintenance and repair services for interactive touch screens. Currently, it has also launched rental and rent-and-buy services, allowing users to experience first before deciding whether to purchase. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different users, it also provides preferential packages that come with high-definition lenses, mobile brackets or physical projectors.

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A well-known Japanese electronic product company, the product quality and sales service are guaranteed.


The interactive touch screen of the Fujitsu IW series is an educational commercial series, all using IR infrared touch technology, and the screen size is divided into four types: 55″, 65″, 75″, and 86″. The IW series supports 4K resolution and also uses 7H hardened tempered glass, which makes the picture clear and durable. The screen has an anti-glare filter coating and uses zero-flicker LCD technology to protect eyesight.


IW is compatible with multiple operating platforms. No matter whether the user is using Window, Mac OS, iOS or Android, the wireless projection function can be used. Under the Window interface, it can accommodate 32 devices to share images. In addition, since the components of the IW series are designed in modules, users can upgrade the system by replacing the components in modules without having to replace the entire screen. However, it should be noted that since the IW series was launched on the market two years ago (no new models have been launched), there has been no major update, resulting in its built-in system, the old version of Android, can not keep up with the mainstream configuration system Android 8.0, and there is a chance to appear Cannot install the latest APK software on the market. Fortunately, Fujitsu provides a large number of useful commercial software under Windows for customers to choose, and these software need to be purchased at an additional cost.

At the sales level, Fujitsu has a mobile publicity car that allows potential users to experience the product in the car by making an appointment. Fujitsu also provides product maintenance and repair services. The first-year one-for-one service is unique in Hong Kong. However, the market price of the products is relatively high. If you prefer Nissan, you can consider the IW series.


An American brand founded in response to the rise of Internet video conferencing, R & D products are mainly used in video conferencing.

At present, DTEN’s interactive touch screens are divided into three series-flagship DTEN D7, general DTEN ON, and DTEN ME for desktop use. All three series use PCAP capacitive screen principle technology, with ultra-thin streamlined Body, stylish design. Since it is a product developed specifically for video conferencing, the three series have built-in lenses, microphones and speakers. DTEN D7 and DTEN ON both offer 55” and 75” screen options, while DTEN ME only offers 27” screens. Among the three series, DTEN D7 series have the most powerful functions, followed by DTEN ON series, while DTEN ME series are mainly for home furnishings. Study design in office and home, so the screen size is relatively small.


DTEN D7 and DTEN ON series both support 4K resolution, built-in 4K wide-angle video lens, and can automatically track people or background; 16 microphones, a wide range of 18 meters, and has the function of eliminating echo and background noise. DTEN D7 uses two-channel stereo speakers, which are better in sound quality than DTEN ON and DTEN ME that use stereo speakers. In addition, DTEN D7 and DTEN ON both support single device screen projection. As for the DTEN ME series, which is mainly used for home office and home study, due to the small use environment, the number of hardware levels is lower than the previous two series. DTEN ME can also be multi-touch, with three built-in wide-angle lenses, 8 microphones, and a receiving distance of about 5 meters. It also has the function of eliminating echo and background noise. Although DTEN ME can be used as the user’s second screen, But you cannot add a Windows OPS computer.


The biggest selling point of the DTEN series is the close cooperation with ZOOM. Since the DTEN brand is aimed at the video conferencing market, all products have built-in ZOOM software. As long as it is simple to install and start the computer, the video conferencing can be carried out instantly, which is quick and convenient.


As DTEN attaches great importance to information security, in order to increase system security and intercept hackers, users cannot install other software by themselves. This limitation can be said to have mixed advantages and disadvantages for users.

On the whole, DTEN brand market positioning is aimed at multinational companies, large enterprises and professional users. The three series adopt the most advanced PCAP capacitive screen principle technology.


Objectively speaking, the reason why DTEN’s price is relatively high as a whole is because other brand products use cheaper IR infrared touch technology. If you compare products of other brands such as BenQ or ViewSonic that use PCAP capacitive screen technology with DTEN’s, the prices between them are essentially the same as DTEN’s products.


If customers need specialized video conferencing products, have high requirements for information security, and require the use of PCAP capacitive touch screen technology, the DTEN brand is a good choice.

Finally, we summarize the ratings and main differences of each brand

BenQ series touch screen models

The main difference between the BenQ ® series models and other brands is that the exclusive full series has silver ion anti-bacterial coating, and the high-end models also have air quality sensors-CO2 / PM 2.5 / PM10, which are particularly important for children’s health. Equipped with an NFC sensor for personalized user account management, this technology allows users to directly access and manage their personal system settings, network drives and cloud storage space. These configurations are really very practical and unique.

ViewSonic series touch screen models

ViewSonic ® ViewBoard ™ series models are mainly for schools. The built-in MyViewBoard cloud teaching material software platform can be used by teachers to upload self-made teaching materials or download teaching materials in different languages ​​from other countries and regions. Other brands have fewer teaching materials. The platform is indeed the gospel of the teaching world.

AOV series touch screen models

AOV ® iWhiteBoard ™ AT and ST series interactive touch screens have the advantages of high quality, high performance, affordable prices and safe after-sales service. For users who need high-tech technology to improve work efficiency and benefits, it provides a relatively easy way to achieve. This is a great boon for consumers with limited budgets but high requirements for product quality.

Fujitsu series touch screen models

As a high-quality Japanese-made product, Fujitsu ® interactive touch screen is a symbol of the confidence of Hong Kong people. It is a good choice if the product is expected to be relatively stable and with sufficient budget.

DTEN series touch screen models

DTEN ® interactive touch screen is a high-quality, high-configuration, high-priced noble product. It is the best choice for large companies, enterprises or institutions that require high performance, focus on image, and have a loose budget.

With the expansion of the interactive touch screen market, many large and small brands have emerged on the market, which is dazzling. With the unevenness of good and bad in the market, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge the pros and cons of products, or mistakenly purchase low-quality products, or purchase products with ordinary functions at excessively high prices. Although the interactive touch screens produced by traditional big brands such as Microsoft Surface Hub in the United States, Samsung in South Korea, Sharp in Japan, and Lenovo in the Mainland are of high quality, they are not popular in Hong Kong and the prices are relatively high, making it difficult for SMEs or schools. Burden; some unknown and small-brand products have many problems, especially some mainland brands, although the price is low, but the quality is unstable. Once the product has a broken machine, it will be a problem to repair. Even if the relevant brand provides replacement components, the user should take the instructions It may not know how to repair, and in the end, there is only one way to scrap it. In view of this, a local company that focuses on developing video and image products, Screen Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., specially selected some interactive touch screen brands suitable for use by Hong Kong enterprises and education circles, and recommended them to consumers. Among many brands, BenQ’s interactive touch screen is our most recommended brand among many brands, including comprehensive product hardware and software configuration, maintenance services and repair services . If the budget is limited, AOV  ® has the advantages of high performance, high quality and affordable price is a good and smart choice.

The trend of cloud office and the development of interactive touch screen

Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, business operations have undergone tremendous changes, and working from home has become a feature of change. Facebook CEO Zucker Berg speculated that 50% of corporate employees will work from home in the next five to ten years. The change of business operation mode and the application of cloud system will completely change the configuration of enterprise equipment, one of which is the popularization of interactive touch screens.

For a long period of time in the past, companies used face-to-face meetings for business meetings and promotion of products or services to customers, and reports were mainly reported in PPT. Under the influence of the epidemic, personnel between companies must reduce or even avoid direct contact. In addition, companies arrange for employees to work from home, and business meetings and product launches are moving towards remote video conferencing. Under this change, the equipment used in remote video conferencing will become a necessity for business operations.


The limited use of traditional projectors and relatively low-quality images are difficult to meet the needs of remote video conferencing. What companies need now is to have high-quality images, both shooting and display functions, and preferably products that can be directly connected to the cloud. At the same time, interactive touch screens with these functions have officially entered the offices of various large and small enterprises.


It can be seen from global data that since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, the sales of interactive touch screens have risen significantly, and the sales volume has not decreased but increased during the adversity, which shows that interactive touch screens have begun to become a necessity for business operations.


With the popularization of cloud offices, interactive touch screen screens will develop into larger sizes. Camera lenses, microphones, speakers and other devices will also become the necessary hardware for interactive touch screens to meet the communication of remote video conferences. need.

Teaching model innovation and interactive touch screen

For the global education community, 2020 is a year of drastic changes. COVID-19 is raging. In order to ensure the health of school children, schools in Hong Kong have also suspended face-to-face courses under the direction of the government. In this environment, how to use information technology for daily teaching has become an issue that all schools in Hong Kong must consider. Since 2000, many documents of the Education Bureau require schools to actively promote technology and information education. It not only requires deepening the cultivation of students’ information technology, but also requires teachers to introduce information technology in the classroom to improve teaching efficiency. However, subject to subject teaching content and teachers’ computer skills, Hong Kong’s development in this area is relatively slow. The suspension of classes in Hong Kong due to the epidemic this time has a positive impact on the promotion of IT teaching models. In order for teachers to conduct distance courses and government subsidies for schools, schools have begun to add IT equipment in their schools, the most obvious type of product. It is the introduction of interactive touch screens to assist teaching. Since the introduction of interactive touch screens, the education sector has been the main consumer and beneficiary of such products. Aiming at the application of interactive touch screens in teaching, Yingscreen Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. specially designed different application solutions for various educational institutions, and launched the “Design/Renovation STEM ROOM One-stop Service” for local primary and secondary schools. Determine the most suitable solution to meet the different teaching needs of the school.
‧Analysis of the distribution of consumer types in the interactive touch screen market by Grand View Research, a US market research company

In order to match the teaching environment of Hong Kong schools and allow teachers to use the interactive touch screen more flexibly, the Screen Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. specially launched the “T-Board Interactive Touch Screen for Parallel Movement” design. “T-Board Interactive Touch Screen for Parallel Movement” is a modular electronic teaching system tailored to the needs of schools. This solution is a perfect combination of one or more traditional blackboard/green/whiteboard with the interactive touch screen. Teachers can easily move the blackboard/green/whiteboard, open or cover the interactive touch screen, and flexibly choose to use traditional blackboard for writing or flexible use of multimedia Teaching materials for teaching. In addition, the company also provides mobile stands for different types of interactive touch screens, so that schools can move the interactive touch screens to designated places for use.

In recent years, Yingping Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. has focused on the development of interactive touch screen business. It has undertaken a large number of educational institutions and commercial projects. It has accumulated considerable experience in this area. In addition, it has established stable and good cooperative relations with mainstream brand companies. As a leader in the interactive touch screen industry in Hong Kong, it is the best choice for high-quality products and secure services.

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