DLP integrated into smart audio

At present, DLP technology is mostly used in car head-up displays and short-throw projectors, but in fact, there are more possibilities to make people’s eyes brighter. Texas Instruments reveals a more direct and convenient way of life ─ ─ using Texas Instruments DLP Pico technology, the projection unit is reduced, and it is directly integrated into the smart audio. When you ask a question, in addition to answering it with voice, it is directly cast out by the projection unit of the smart speaker.

The above-mentioned whimsy is not impossible. If you make the dishes and check the operation steps recorded in the recipes online, what better way than directly projecting the demonstration videos? In addition, the DLP Pico technology of Texas Instruments can not only add a projection unit to the smart speaker to demonstrate cooking skills, but also can be used for sports training, projecting correct movements, and the user can directly watch and follow it.

Source of citation:  Tech News

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