ViewSonic’s new All-in-One LED display assembly-free mobile solution, quick installation in 10 minutes

ViewSonic, a global leader in video and education solutions, has been well received since the launch of the All-in-One LED display in 2020. In order to meet the needs of more customers, it will launch a pre-assembled solution kit this year. The new 108-inch and 135-inch All-in-One LED display solutions are equipped with a mobile flight case, which combines high efficiency, maneuverability, flexibility and other features. Users can get it in just 10 minutes. The installation and setup will bring greater convenience to commercial spaces such as galleries, commercial activities, conventions and exhibitions, and it can also be used in more venues through short-term rental models.

Huang Jinde, General Manager of ViewSonic Taiwan, said: “ViewSonic will launch the All-in-One LED display product line for the first time in 2020, providing a new integrated solution. In order to respond to more needs in the market, we once again launched a new assembly-free mobile The innovative solution, which is easy to install and easy to move, fully meets the needs of large-screen LED display screens in different spaces. ViewSonic adheres to the core concept of “customer first” and is committed to developing innovative and advanced LED technology to develop more Products in various application fields are expected to continue to create higher value for customers.”

Easily import various application fields.
ViewSonic All-in-One LED display integrates the display screen, image splicing, power supply and control system, making it easy for users to manage and maintain. The new ViewSonic All-in-One LED display assembly-free mobile solution with a mobile flight case allows users to easily and safely transport the LED display from place A to place B. Places such as museums and art galleries can be used flexibly for different exhibition designs, and the details and exquisiteness of art works can also be presented perfectly; for commercial activities that only need to be exhibited for a short period of time, it can be matched with a rental model to allow manufacturers to minimize costs Create the best display effect. In addition, the ultra-thin thickness is only 3.5 cm, with a borderless minimalist design, which can be perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. It is suitable for different commercial spaces such as reception halls, auditoriums and large and small meeting rooms, providing an amazing visual experience.

Of the box quickly mounted
ViewSonic new All-in-One LED display assembly Free mobile solutions complete LED display module, the chassis, the system control box and a wheel with 360 ° muted mobile floor stand in the air box assembly Inside, after unloading the flight case, the user can move the LED display to a fixed point arbitrarily, and press the positioning button on the bracket to fix the position. In addition, the built-in electric floor stand has a four-stage height adjustment memory function, which can be adjusted to a maximum of 60 cm for quick installation in response to different use spaces.

For more details about ViewSonic LED display solutions, please refer to the video introduction: ViewSonic All-in-One Direct View LED Display Solution Kit Introduction Video .

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