The transparent display screen has flexible installation and interactive functions. Commercial scenes show unlimited creativity

Advances in technology have turned various imaginations into reality. In the past, in science fiction movies, it is not difficult to see science fiction scenes showing various materials on transparent screens. With the advancement of technology, these seeming science fiction scenes can already be realized in our daily lives, such as the 55″ launched by LG. Transparent OLED Signage and 55” Transparent Touch OLED Signage have high transparency, allowing the display to play infinite possibilities, which can be used in various scenes of life to enhance the user experience.

Transparency is the most important indicator of a transparent display. LG’s 55” Transparent OLED Signage provides up to 38% transparency (calculated according to the screen panel), far exceeding the traditional LCD transparent display, and can clearly show the objects behind it.

High transparency and seamless connection with the environment
Transparent OLED Signage not only has high transparency, but also has high image quality. This is also the key for Transparent OLED Signage to seamlessly connect with the surrounding environment. LG’s OLED technology uses self-luminous technology to make each pixel self-control to emit light, which can show precise colors, clear picture quality and rich colors, making the picture on the screen more realistic.

In order to take advantage of the advantages of high transparency and meticulous picture quality, Transparent OLED Signage is full of flexibility in installation. It can be suspended on the ceiling alone, or multiple displays can be spliced ​​together. With different installation methods, Transparent OLED Signage can be applied to Different spaces seamlessly connect this perspective design with the environment.

▲ Splicing 4 groups of 55” Transparent OLED Signage in front of the window can become a huge display window, and at the same time, it will not hinder customers from viewing the display in the store.

There is a robotic coffee shop design in Singapore, which uses Transparent OLED Signage to show the steps of product purchase and introduce products. After the customer places an order, Transparent OLED Signage will explain the coffee making process. The high transparency feature allows the customer to clearly see the real-time action of the mechanical arm behind it, allowing the customer to enjoy the experience of the barista making coffee like a normal coffee shop. Keith Tan, the founder of Crown Digital, who runs a robotic coffee shop, believes that simply showing the manufacturing process of the robotic arm is not enough. Using LG’s Transparent OLED Signage can display more content that customers are interested in, and even place advertisements to enrich the customer experience process.

▲ Transparent OLED Signage makes the coffee making action of the robotic arm clearly visible.

Give full play to creativity and incorporate interactive elements.
In addition to attractive visual design elements, publicity advertisements can also add interactive elements to attract audiences. LG’s 55” Transparent OLED Touch Signage has a P-Cap touch sensor, which has an accurate and fast touch response performance. With interactive applications, the form of display content is more diversified and novel, and viewers can also In case of delay, easily control and select the content displayed on the screen.

Earlier, car manufacturers used Transparent OLED Signage to display, making the auto show full of fashion and technology, attracting audiences of different ages. The Transparent OLED Signage is set up in front of the new car on display, so that the audience can not only watch the details of the new car at close range, but also can cooperate with the pre-designed picture to better understand the characteristics of the structure of different car parts.

▲ The picture played on Transparent OLED Signage is matched with the car displayed behind the display, allowing the audience to have a clearer understanding of the characteristics of the new structure of the car.

Flexible and changeable application scenarios are widely
benefited from Transparent OLED’s high transparency, flexible installation design and interactive elements. 55” Transparent OLED Signage and 55” Transparent OLED Touch Signage can be applied in a wide range of scenarios, except for the above mentioned in auto shows and coffee shops. In addition to the display, it is more suitable for the display of retail store windows and museum showcases, so that the audience can clearly see the displays placed behind the display screen, and can also add product and exhibit information in a new way. 55” Transparent OLED Signage can also be applied to automatic sliding doors, turning the glass door into a platform for displaying information, attracting the attention of visitors. The high transparency feature also allows 55” Transparent OLED Signage to integrate with the environment and decoration. Cooperate.

▲ Transparent OLED Signage has a wide range of application scenarios. For example, it can be used on automatic sliding doors to display video advertisements and information, and it can also be used for welcoming guests.

To be used as a window display case, LG’s Transparent OLED Signage must naturally stand up to daily use. The product has obtained IEC 61373 certification, and its surface tempered glass can protect the screen from external impact. This safety design has been verified and is sufficient to withstand the impact and vibration caused by the surrounding environment, making the product more durable. The Transparent Touch OLED Signage has an increased chance of contact with the audience, which may cause scratches. Therefore, protective tempered glass is used to improve durability.

LG also provides professional product support services, from product installation, use, repair and maintenance, etc., to facilitate enterprises to use Transparent OLED Signage to improve user experience and contact users.

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