STEM teaching resources

Discover learning and teaching resources to enhance the learning experience of STEM education!

1.  Discovery Education

Discovery Education uploads a wide range of free teaching resources from time to time to help teachers encourage students to learn easily and independently.

Download STEM learning and teaching resources to enrich the STEM learning experience for students of different grades!

3.  EteRNA

EteRNA is an online scientific game developed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University, allowing gamers to invent new drugs. Just solve the RNA molecular puzzle, and your solution will have the opportunity to be synthesized and tested artificially through biochemistry and robotics.

4.  Educational Television of the Education Bureau

Welcome to watch a series of science education TV programs jointly produced by Radio Television Hong Kong and the Education Bureau, and download related reference materials and activity worksheets.

5.  Hong Kong Science Museum-STEM teaching materials

Download a series of activity worksheets and learning activity plans on different science topics to increase students’ interest in science in all grades!

6.  Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics produces a variety of teaching resources for teaching physics for use in middle school classrooms.

7.  Elementary School General Knowledge Science and Teaching Resource Kit (Science and Technology)

The teaching materials designed by the Education Bureau are designed to arouse primary school students’ interest in nature and technology, and to help schools integrate science and technology education into the general knowledge curriculum.

8.  Sparrow Chemistry

Sparrow Chemistry is a free online game that uses traditional sparrow games to teach basic chemistry knowledge.

Welcome to search hundreds of classroom plans and teaching resources by subject and grade to support your STEM curriculum!

10.  Popular science

Professor Liang Chengyu from the Department of Mathematics of HKUST has designed a series of textbooks on applied mathematics in daily life, aiming to make students understand the importance of mathematics.

11.  Royal Academy of Engineering

Royal Academy of Engineering mainly designs hands-on experience activities for junior high school students to enhance students’ motivation to learn engineering.

12.  Science NetLinks

Science NetLinks mainly provides scientific teaching resources. In addition to teaching tools and short videos, it also comes with interactive teaching materials to greatly enhance the learning experience.

Reference source:  STEM@HKUST

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